Improve your Golf Game – 3 Steps To Go From Golfer To Happy Golfer Posted on 31 Jul 09:08 , 0 comments

Imagine yourself standing at the tee, evaluating the challenges ahead and considering all the potential options for your shot that’s going to be. You want to make it your best shot ever. A creek is running about 210 yards, right across the fairway, and well within the range of your tee shot. Trees on your left, and there’s a fairway bunker on your right, also within your range.

You’ve already played eight holes; 1 double bogey, 4 bogeys and 3 pars. The hole that you are now aiming for is a comparatively short par 4; the creek, however, is a question mark. Dry fairway today and the ball runs considerably; you have been hitting your driver rather well today. So how do you play this hole?

And its your turn to Tee-Off. What can come to your rescue, not only this time, but every time it’s your time to hit the ball? How do you do it right every single time? How do you evolve from being a golfer to becoming a ‘happy golfer’- one who plays his best game of Golf every single time? The answers to these questions lies in the art of Life Coaching.

I am el Happy Coach (and Golf Coach) and I will guide you through three crucial steps that will take you closer to fulfilling your golf goals and improving your golf scores.

1. Shifting Your Vision

This will require evaluating where you stand right now in all areas of your golf game. Next, you will invent a Vision for your golf game that is authentic and fun. I will help you connect to a Vision that inspires you to Win at Golf every time you play and keeps you in the flow.

2.  Create A Game

Use my ‘Create A Game’ template to create long and short term goals and the crucial action steps to fulfill your Golf intentions.

3. Play & Win

My Golf Coaching process supports you to Win the Game that you are now Playing. I hold you accountable on your promises and help you identify and release the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from improving your golf scores.

So, why not start elevating your golf game now? Call me right now if you want to improve your Golf game. Why wait when the pathway to improving your game is so close to you.

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