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Like all other avid golfers and touring pros, you may also have set your golfing goals for 2014. But merely setting goals is not enough and you know that. Don’t you sometimes wish that you had some sort of a miracle maker that would help you achieve your goals? Presenting to you the 20 breath flow technique for golf. Get set to improve your game.

Right now, you are probably asking yourself this-

Can the 20 Breath Flow Technique for Golf Help Me?

Yes, it can and it will. That’s the magic of this technique. As your Golf Coach, I’ll share this technique with you, which I call my 20 Breath Flow Technique for Golf.  This is how you practice this technique

1)            Take four short breaths, connected, in a group.

2)            At the end of this group of 4 breaths, take a long breath.

3)            Continue this process four times at a stretch.

4)            Remember to breathe in and out of your nose at all times.

This exercise should take you anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds depending on the duration of your breaths. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And it works like a miracle!

This unique technique will completely relax your mind and body. You will find that you are easily able to let go of your negative shots and you will discover the flow in your Golf game.

There are a few things I suggest you keep in mind while practicing the 20 Breath Flow Technique for Golf.

1)            Do not force or try to control your breathing, it should feel free.

2)           Maintain proper speed between pushing and holding your breath.

3)           There should be a rhythmic flow to your series of breaths.

4)            If you are breathing in the right manner, you will feel an energy circulating

throughout your body.

This special technique facilitates the release of stress, dissolves chaos and restores the feeling of being in the flow. Try it out for yourself now and improve your Golf game. immensely. Call me to know more about the 20 Breath Flow Technique for Golf.



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