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No other profession has been depicted more glamorously than the legal profession in the world of entertainment. Given the various popular television shows, people might think that the life of lawyers is easy. The truth however is bitter and different. If you are in the legal profession, you are probably grappling with countless stress factors. In fact you need wellness coaching for lawyers to help relieve your stress.

Starting with climbing law school debt and long hours at work, it seems that exhaustion will pretty much overtake you, leaving no energy for anything else. Wellness coaching for lawyers can re-energize your life.

Stress Factors for Lawyers

As a lawyer, you are working under constant pressure, both from your firm as well as your clients. In an intensely competitive market, firms need more clients and more revenue to stay afloat. As clients for the firm increase, your work load increases. Typically law firms charge exorbitant rates; clients demand high levels of service to justify these rates. Keeping up with ever increasing client demands and expectations can take a toll on you, both physically and in an emotional sense.

Besides, legal technologies are evolving and continuously changing; you have to keep up with these. It is equally important to keep up with the changing laws. The overall result is that lawyers often face a severe time crunch. They feel there just isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all their activities. This results in longer working hours and often working through the weekend. This impacts family time. Also you might experience poor physical fitness due to lack of time for exercise.

Change Things with Wellness Coaching for Lawyers

I offer targeted wellness coaching for lawyers. I coach lawyers who experience depression over uncontrollable workload to eliminate major depression symptoms. As part of my coaching sessions, I will introduce you to the powerful Standing Meditation technique. This is a proven technique to calm your mind and helps relive stress as well as improves your physical fitness levels. Together, we will create your vision and create a new game for you based on your goals. By getting your game in motion, I will help you achieve a balance of family life and business success.

Don’t wait to make a positive change in your life. Reach out to me right now to know more about the wellness coaching programs  for lawyers.

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