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Are you a real estate professional? Do you feel bogged down by the stress that accompanies your job? If you answered yes to the first question, in all likelihood, you answered yes to the second question too. It is sad but, true, real estate agents face tremendous stress in their day to day work atmosphere. In fact, I find the situation ironical. Home is where we find happiness and peace of mind. And it is unfortunate that the very people who help us find our homes are not happy themselves.

Stress Factors in Real Estate

 I have interacted with several real estate agents in my coaching sessions and they have confessed to me that one of the biggest pressures they face is the lack of consistent cash flow.  Being a commission only business, real estate does not guarantee fixed monthly income.  Besides, the high level of competition makes attracting new clients and retaining existing ones difficult. Expenses shoot up as business owners need to undertake marketing and promotional activities to maintain their presence and attract clients.

Without the luxury to hire a large team, the work pressure on you increases as you end up playing multiple roles. The net result is an atmosphere where stress levels are high, productivity is low, and happiness is practically non existent. As a real estate agent, if you identify with this scenario, it’s time to change now.

Get Set for Less Stress and More Happiness with Wellness Coaching

Have you tried wellness coaching for real estate agents? This is a specialized life coaching program I offer, targeted towards real estate agents. I specifically address your concerns and issues and help you overcome your stress factors and move towards achievement of your goals.

I coach real estate agents to feel more energetic and overcome loss of energy caused by the inconsistent cash flow problem. This is achieved by helping you shift who are being in order to help you create a desired outcome in your life game. You will identify your desired outcomes through a series of practical exercises and techniques including mediation, Tai Chi and my special 20 Breath Happy Technique.

Next, play your life game and win it and achieve the outcomes that you set up for yourself.  I will reveal to you the process to win your life game any time you choose; thus you will remain consistently happy with no place for stress in your life.

Get in touch with me to know more about wellness coaching for real estate agents. Get ready for less stress, more happiness, and greater success in your life.

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