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Banking is a stressful profession. I have interacted with several bankers during my Life Coaching, Tai-Chi and Circular Breathing programs. I find that the pressure for consistent compelling performance is one of the biggest stressors banking professionals have to deal with. Wellness coaching can help.

Impact of Stress on Bankers

The long hours, constantly changing policies and guidelines and the ever changing external environment on which they have no control induce high levels of stress in bankers. This may manifest as poor physical health due to lack of time to exercise. You may also experience work/family conflict on account of not having time for family. All of this eventually affects your performance, increasing stress even further.

If you are currently engulfed by stress and see no way out to improve your performance and your quality of life, it is time to look into wellness coaching for bankers.

Wellness Coaching for Bankers – WIN your Life Game

I offer targeted wellness coaching for bankers who are bogged down by the pressures of their profession. I coach bankers to attain greater clarity of their goals and get their priorities right. Coaching also includes improving physical fitness levels with Yoga and Tai Chi. The eventual aim of wellness coaching is to help you attain your performance goals by winning your life game.

Coaching will begin with helping you identify and create your desired outcomes. This is the stage where your priorities become crystal clear. Based on your priorities, you will create a life game for each of your desired outcomes. This will obviously include the performance goals you have envisioned for yourself. Next you will play the game to win.

Steps to Win Your Game

Meditation is an integral part of winning your game. During the coaching sessions, we will review the structures you have created for your game, assess progress in the game and create changes if any, needed to win the game. Part of the game process will also involve working on listening, integrity, and identifying who you are Being.

Wellness coaching for bankers is a comprehensive program that helps you know yourself better and create outcomes that matter most to you. And when you achieve these outcomes, you taste success both personally and professionally. Stress no longer has any impact on you!

Give me a call right away to know more about wellness coaching for bankers and get set to WIN in life.




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